Sunday, October 31, 2010

48 Hours how long we were home. Yesterday, when I got Owen up from his nap, he just looked terrible to me. He was sweating with the labor of breathing, and his abdomen and face seemed much puffier than before, as though he were retaining fluid. So I paged the cardiologist, who met us at the ER just to check things out. I was positive I was just being a paranoid mom and everything was fine. Then the doctors did the following math:

White count of 26 + O2 sats of 67 + super fluid overload + hazy chest x-ray = Readmission

Poor bubby. So he spent the night in the ICU, and he is receiving at least cefotaxime. I also heard the dr. mention vanc, but never actually saw that get started last night. Mark and I both stayed here last night, and Mark's dad very graciously stayed with Gavin, who seems to have a little stomach bug of his own.

So, hopefully today we'll get more of what the plan will be for Owen this time. If his cultures come back growing anything, he'll definitely need a full course of antibiotics. Depending on what they grow, we could maybe go home in a few days with him on orals. We'll see.


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