Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Girl Update

Yes, I'm pregnant. For the 3rd time. In 3 years. This little one was always in our plan, just maybe not quite so soon! But we've been very blessed with what appears to be a healthy little girl. So far, things have gone well during the pregnancy, aside from me being somewhat uncomfortable pretty early on. But about a month ago, I went to the doctor and was informed she was measuring over 3 weeks big.

Say WHAT?!

Those of you who were around at the time may remember that Gavin was 9'9" when he was born, and I never measured big with him at all. So this was a pretty big concern.

BUT, I went to the doctor yesterday, and everything looks great! I had an u/s to size the baby. Her head and tummy measurements are just on either side of 33 weeks (which is what I'll be tomorrow). And it appears she weighs approximately 4'12". That means she should be roughly 8 lbs. at 39 weeks. If all continues to go as it has, I will be induced then, on or about Dec. 12th. I just realized that means her b-day would be 12/12. That sounds pretty cool to me. =)

And overall, I've gained about 17 lbs, which I'm happy with since I have gestational diabetes. These next 6 weeks before she arrives will be busy - we may try to do some painting, and there's a possibility I'll break down and keep each child in his/her own room for a while, so there will be the work of preparing a room for her. But this will be mostly with things we already have, plus some possible craigslist/freecycle finds. I'm still on the fence about this (the original plan was to move Gavin in with Owen and have Baby Girl in the nursery), but I'm starting to think my sanity may be saved if we just leave the boys apart until they're both going to bed without tears. Plus, Owen still has middle-of-the-night "parties" in his room (I hear him talking to his toys when I get up to go to the bathroom), and I'm not too keen on him waking Gavin to join in. =)

In the end, we're excited and busy, and the baby looks great!

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