Thursday, October 21, 2010

POD #2

Things look so much better this morning for Owen! He is regularly satting in the high 80s to low 90s, his heart rate is in the 120s, and his blood pressure is perfect. He is resting as comfortably as he can and isn't complaining much. Such a strong little guy!

His chest tubes continue to put out quite a bit of drainage. That's not concerning, but we will be looking for that to start slowing down soon. He did end up being extubated yesterday afternoon, and there has been no more blood seen from his lungs. So that continues to be a mystery, but we're just thankful it's gone. Owen's Foley cath and arterial lines have been removed, and he is having his first feeding since surgery. Things are definitely going well today.

Owen was seen by a physical therapist this morning. She checked his range of motion and helped him sit up for a few seconds. He didn't care for sitting up, and made his feelings clear by pushing back to lie down again. The therapist is going to recommend PT 3-4 times per week while Owen is here. An occupational therapist and speech therapist will also start seeing him today.

In Gavin news, he comes home from Seymour tonight! He has been staying with Mimi and Ray since Tuesday. From the stories I've been hearing, he probably doesn't care if he ever sees Mark and me again! According to Mimi, he's been behaving well and having a great time. We sure do miss him, but it's also been a blessing to be able to focus on Owen this week. I'm ready for some of those great Gavin hugs and kisses, though!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind wishes. Mark and I are hanging in and we are so thankful for all of your support!



  1. Woohoo!! Sounds a lot better!

    Natalie :)

  2. Owen rocks! Happy thoughts coming your way!