Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More News

Right after I finished the last update, our surgeon's NP came to talk to us. Seems Owen still has a couple of things going on that are concerning. First, he has some significant fluid built up around his left lung. So now he gets his very own left side chest tube to match his right one. Second, his ventilator has to be set pretty high to help him breathe right now. This means that the pressure inside his lungs is high, and we don't know why. It may be due to the fluid. Once that is drained, we'll know more. And third, and most concerning, as they were suctioning Owen, he had some blood-tinged fluid come out of his lung. They checked his chest x-ray, and it does not look like he is hemorrhaging from his lung. However, they still don't know where this blood came from.

So in the end, it looks like the ventilator will stay for a little while yet.

He sailed through the first two surgeries so easily. I guess we were "due" for some complications. Our hearts just break for him though. Still praying for him not to be in pain, and not to be scared.



  1. Adrienne- I shared a little of Owen's story with our church family this afternoon. I (now along with my whole church) are praying for you, Mark, Owen, Gavin, and little girl. Praying for Owen's recovery and that God's arms surround you right now. Let us know if I can bring you anything AT ALL! ~Amanda

  2. Love you Adria. Sorry that things aren't 100%. Continuing to pray for all of you & hopefully this all will come to a good result, and Owen will be in much better shape soon! Love you and and asking God to watch over you all to make this all go as smoothly as it can!!

  3. God is with you all there in the hospital and at home. Owen is strong. If he is anything like his mommy he won't give up! He'll come through with grace! Just remember to smile and tell him you love him everyday, he is God's gift to you! Praying for a speedy recovery!!