Saturday, October 16, 2010


I've decided to start a new family blog. My previous blog focused on Owen and his health, and when that began to stabilize, I found myself with nothing to write about (a good thing)! So, here I will focus more on our whole, growing family. A little about our little ones...

Owen was born in April 2008, with partial trisomy 10q and hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He has had 2 open heart surgeries, and his third is coming up in just a few days. He loves Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and his brother.

Gavin was born in April 2009, and he is healthy. He loves to RUN, climb up and down the stairs, and carry around socks and shoes. He's been talking up a storm recently, and we love to hear all of the new words he says.

Baby Girl is due in December 2010, and she also appears healthy. We are excited to add a little girl to our family; all those little bows and dresses sure sound like fun!

We will be using this blog quite a bit over the next couple of weeks to send updates about Owen's condition. Please feel free to peek in on us now and then!


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