Friday, October 29, 2010

Great News

We're HOME!

I had a terrible time updating the blog at the hospital; there was some kind of connection issue that wouldn't allow me to sign in. Last time I wrote, we were watching Owen's chest drains and oxygen saturations. I'm happy to say that none of the complications we thought may happen ever materialized. His drainage gradually decreased, and his saturations gradually increased. It took time, but on Wednesday this week, his chest tubes were removed. And yesterday we got to come home! I will be taking Owen back to his cardiologist for a follow up on Tuesday.

The hard part right now is that Owen just is not himself. It's hard to figure out what's wrong. He doesn't seem to be in pain; it's more like he just can't get comfortable. He doesn't want to play, barely tolerates being held, and hardly ever smiles for any reason. We're just missing our sweet little guy, and hope he feels more like himself soon.

Meanwhile, we don't really have any plans for this weekend. We may go out and get some pumpkins for the boys, and we probably we dress them up on Sunday for Halloween. But we won't go trick-or-treating - nobody here needs that candy!


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  1. sooo glad to hear that he's home and doing well...keep up those spirits! he'll get back to himself before you know it! even though i've never met him i can just sense that he's a fighter and this will just be a faint memory in a short time...good job mom!!!