Monday, November 1, 2010

In Limbo

Well, we still don't know much.

Yesterday, Owen had a CT scan to determine where the fluid in his chest was located. Turns out it's in loculations (sp?) along his right side. This means there are several pockets of fluid, as opposed to one large area. Yesterday evening, the ICU drs. sedated Owen and removed some of this fluid by inserting a needle into his side. This fluid was being sent for testing to determine whether it was simple post-op fluid accumulation, or whether it was an infection. We have not heard the result of this test.

Our cardiologist told us if the fluid is found to be an infection, Owen will have to have a procedure called a thoracotomy performed in order to remove it. This involves opening up his chest to get all of the infected fluid out. My goal this morning is to find out for sure whether Owen needs this.

In the meantime, I think we'll be here at least another day before cultures/sensitivities come back (and that's an optimistic estimate).

Oh yeah, and he could still have pneumonia on top of all this. At this point, I'm starting to worry that he won't make it home before I have to go back to work on Sunday. =(


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