Thursday, November 4, 2010

PICU Day #6

I find it somewhat darkly amusing that we've spent more time in PICU for this complication than we did after Owen's actual heart surgery.

Owen continues to look better since his procedure yesterday. He is draining a substantial amount of fluid, but not gobs and gobs. He's had about 90 mLs come out since the procedure. He is breathing much more easily and getting a little more feisty. But he still glares daggers at anyone who comes near his bed.

We could have moved to the floor today, but the floor is full. So we're hanging out in the PICU until someone goes home from the floor. It likely won't be until tomorrow that we get to move.

I have a slight sore throat today, and I'm hoping hoping hoping that it's just irritated and not progressing toward strep throat. Wouldn't that be fun, on top of everything else??

There's not much more going on right now; just playing a waiting game at the moment.


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