Monday, November 1, 2010


It's been a long day. This morning, Mark's dad brought Gavin to me at the hospital. He then sat with Owen while I took Gavin to his well child check-up (everything great there). I was really hoping to have some concrete answers before I left with Gavin, but no such luck.

When we returned, it was a different story. Owen's heart surgeon had decided to try placing a chest tube to drain the fluid (which is growing group A strep, an easy bug to treat). He tried this at 4:30, without much success. So now we are looking at a surgical procedure tomorrow to open up Owen's chest and try to break up some of those "compartments" where the infection is. Then it can drain fully, and the antibiotics should take care of the rest. We are looking at antibiotics for 3-4 weeks, but given the fact that it's an easy bacteria to treat, we should be able to switch to oral and go home with it, rather than wait out the course in the hospital.

But... My guess is we won't be going anywhere until at least the end of the week. =(

My mom took Gavin back to Seymour with her, so it will be nice for Mark and me to be able to be here at the same time while Owen has his procedure. I'm sure Gavin will have another grand time playing around the coffee house and eating ice cream. I miss him already, though.

We are still living at the hospital with a very grumpy and miserable little boy. Surely *sometime* he's got to start feeling better? I personally have not seen him smile in 2 weeks.



  1. I'm so sorry Ade!! I hope the procedure tomorrow is effective and the antibiotics knock out the infection soon!

    I'll be praying!!

    Love ya!

  2. keep positive the doctors will do everything they can the keep owen well!!!! don't hesitate to reach out to friends for support or ANY needs you may need right now!