Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and a new lifestyle for us! Camden got to come home on Christmas morning - what a wonderful present! Since then, we have been adjusting to life with three little ones at home. It's an adventure, that's for sure! I was so afraid I'd be completely overwhelmed once the baby came home, but it's the exact opposite. I feel so energized! It's great to be able to get around well again (finally!) and there are several house projects that I'm excited to complete. And, of course, the kids are super fun!

The only thing slowing me down is Camden. She wants to nurse constantly! I feel so blessed to be able to nurse her exclusively this time. I didn't even try with Owen, and I was unsuccessful with Gavin. So what's the problem, you may be asking... Well, Cami wants to nurse ALL THE TIME. I have no idea whether this is normal for 3-week-old babies, but it does drive me slightly nuts. She'll nurse for 45 minutes or so, fall asleep for 10 minutes, and then wake up and want to nurse again. This can go on for hours on end, and it's pretty frustrating, especially when I'm also trying to take care of the boys. I'm hoping she gets more efficient at eating and settles into more of a pattern soon.

Owen saw his cardiologist yesterday, and things are looking great! We were able to back off a couple of his meds, and his O2 sat was 84%, which is much better than it was at Thanksgiving. He's still not quite where he should be, but with time he should get there. We're definitely seeing an increase in his energy level and mood, and it's been so nice!

Owen's developmental progress lately has centered on speech. He now has two definite words: "yeah" and "go." He also has been trying to say "open" and "da" (for da-da). A lot of these sounds are completely new for him, and it's been so fun to see (hear) his progress. It would be so nice if he just took off talking soon! Though he'd have to compete with Gavin to be the talker in our family - Gavin is by all accounts pretty advanced in his speech. We've started working on counting, shapes, and letters with him. So far, every letter is "A," every number is "9," and every shape is a circle. He really enjoys the interaction, though, so hopefully learning will be fun for him.

Owen has a few more doctor appointments this month, and then hopefully we'll have a break for a while. We're looking forward to a calm spring!


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  1. just to let you know, nursing constantly at 3 weeks is COMPLETELY normal...it sucks i know...but there is a major growth spurt then...so hang on there it will pass. Good Luck!